The Missouri Forest Resources Advisory Council facilitates communication among all who are interested in Missouri’s forests to assure long term forest health, productivity, and sustainability. Ensuring that timber harvest serves forest management has been a primary concern of the Council since its inception. With a membership of 30+ organizations, MoFRAC…

  • serves as a sounding board or in an advisory capacity to agencies and organizations regarding planning, operations, programs, policies, or legislation affecting forestry.
  • supports meetings, workshops, field days, and conferences to promote the importance of Missouri’s forests and awareness of forestry issues.
  • supports science-based research and surveys to gather information and opinions related to forestry issues in Missouri.

Member Organizations
MoFRAC Brochure [pdf]


Chair: Chad Doolen, The Nature Conservancy in Missouri

Vice Chair: Jason Green, Pioneer Forest

Secretary: Vacant

Past Chair: Michael Brown